7a. September 13, 2024 AM: Preserving the self of the social worker: Ethical and practical strategies for coping with compassion fatigue and moral injury (VIRTUAL)

Friday, September 13, 2024
9:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m.

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This is a virtual course, and will take place over Zoom.

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3 CEHs

$30.00 SLU Alumni and pre-registered SLU practicum instructors

$50.00 All others

Course Description
Presenter: Charles Franke, LCSW

Title: Preserving the self of the social worker: Ethical and practical strategies for coping with compassion fatigue and moral injury
*Meets Ethics Requirement

• Understand the risks and concerns unique to social work that can affect our proficient access to the use of self. 

• Differentiate between moral injury, compassion fatigue, burnout and secondary trauma along with the ways these concerns create direct concerns related to ethical treatment. 

• Apply the concept of the self of the social worker with multiple strategies for valuing and connecting to their sense of self.

Course description:  The self of the social worker is one of the primary tools that allows for effective treatment and services of the populations we work with. Our ability to understand our own experience of our work, process that experience, and apply that experience in helpful and ethical ways is paramount to our work. This incredible sensitivity and utilization of self is also the mechanism that exposes us to compassion fatigue, moral injury, burnout and secondary trauma. Social workers are expected to hold space for the most difficult situations, and often we are experiencing this exposure alone. As a result of this difficulty, it is important for us to ensure we are self-aware, utilizing support and supervision, and ensuring our compliance with the code of ethics is intact. In this training, we will look deeply at the self of the social work along with all of its applications. This training will discuss the uses of self and strategies for building safety to preserve and value that sense of self as professionals. 

Bio: Charles “Chaz” Franke, LCSW is an Adjunct Professor in the School of Social Work is a therapist and clinical supervisor for Light Source, a small group practice in Belleville, Illinois.

He has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from McKendree University, and a Master of Social Work degree from SLU. Mr. Franke has been practicing therapy full time since 2007.  Since the beginning of his career as a therapist, he has worked with trauma and its long reaching effects. This work has included extensive work with all ages and all walks of life. He specializes in self-compassion and integrating Eastern thought and philosophy into the therapeutic process.  Chaz provides both clinical and reflective supervision to clinicians across many settings to help further their ability to find their voice in the field and maintain engagement in their work.

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